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You light up my house?

You light up my house?

Literally Matt lit up our house this weekend, with lights.  For a while now I’ve wanted to replace the lighting through out the house.  Most of our fixtures were these yucky old gold fixtures.  I knew it wouldn’t take a lot to replace them so once we had more cash back from AMEX Matt ordered our gift cards to Lowes.

On Saturday we went and picked out our new lights.  We got new outside lights, lights for the foyer, hallway lights and a fan for the guest bedroom.  Oh and let’s not forget the super cute rug I found.  Score!  I found 3 I liked and then showed them to Matt.  Much to my surprise he actually liked (or decided to tolerate my fave ;)) and we added that to our cart full.

Later that night we managed to hang the foyer light.

As you can see the one down the hallway mirrors the hanging light.  Well at least as much as it could.

This is at the top of the stairs on the main floor.  The ones in the upstairs hallway are similar but not quite as large.

The fan in the guest room.

Our new outdoor lights.  A HUGE improvement over the old, bug-filled ones.

Our new rug.  Julio loves it, of course.  I really liked the colors of this one.  You can’t really tell from the pic but it’s got blue and green, brown, beige and tan.  It matches the color scheme I am trying to stick with.  I thought Matt would be like “it’s too florally” but he didn’t.  And he keeps saying he likes it. YAY!

Needless to say our weekend was pretty busy.  We sent all of Sunday hanging the new lights.  And we had to make another Lowe’s trip because he forgot we had 2 lights upstairs and I forgot about the one at the top of the stairs, so we had the same count and were both WRONG!  HA!







Who am I?

Who am I?

It’s been over a month since the wedding and I still haven’t changed my name on a lot of things.  Most importantly is the AMEX.  This however is not my fault!  AMEX will not send me the damn name change form.  It’s really getting annoying because I feel like I have no idea who I am.  I have my new license but I can’t use it because my AMEX still has my old last name on it.  And forget about asking me to sign anything.  Who knows what I’m supposed to write!

Last night I needed to pay the Macy’s bill.  I intentionally did not pay it at the store so I would have to go online and then I would remember to call and change my name.  Once I paid my bill I found the customer service number and called.  After 5 mins or so of trying to figure out which number to push to get a customer service rep I was pretty frustrated.  Thankfully the guy was nice and guess what?  They can change your name OVER the phone!  (Do you hear this AMEX?!!)

After I called Macy’s I decided to go ahead and call about another card I have.  Again they were able to change my name over the phone!  (AMEX, do you hear this?!!?!?!?)  These calls got me to thinking, no wonder people are so rude to customer service reps.  I mean you spend 5-10 mins trying to navigate some crazy auto attendant telling you to “say One for…” “press Two for….” by the time you finally get through to a real person you are beyond frustrated and pissed off.  Add to that you might already be pissed off.  See where I am going with this?  While I understand these are supposed to make your life easier I think they really just piss you off.  And what could be a simple, please change my name call, makes you grumpy and on edge from the beginning.

Now I only have a few more places to call but help me if I have to spend more the 5 mins to reach a person I’m gonna be mad!