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Apparently this is too much!

Apparently this is too much!

Matt cleaned out my car this weekend and decided I had too much random shit in my car. In my defense, it’s MY car! I can have whatever I want in there. He thought it would be funny to lay everything on the freezer so I could see it. 🙂 Let’s make a list of random said items in my car (you’re welcome Sarah).

3 Pairs of sunglasses – though one is Matt’s (and there was another pair he actually left in the car so that’s 4)

1 koozi

2 sunglass cases

a pair of gloves

2 Auburn coasters that should live in the cup holders

a note pad

random papers

couple of pens

a car charger for my droid (that I no longer use)

a rite aid card

a bag with a mirror and old perfume

an Auburn sticker and a frankie’s fun pass card (used to scrap off ice)

and last but not least, a toothbrush 😉

I personally don’t think I have too much stuff in my car. Granted the Jetta doesn’t have much storage space but still it’s my car. hehe

Happy Monday!




Car update

Car update

So Matt and I ran back to the Audi dealership yesterday to drive the car one more time and to place our order.  After taking the car for another spin we went in to fill out the paperwork and guess what?  Our exact car is headed for a dealership in Florida!  HOLY CRAP!  I’m sure you can tell I was not excited at all.  Ha!

Anyway our dealership has a call in to the other place to see if they can trade one of theirs for this one.  I mean how perfect would this be.  Plus we would only have to wait a few more weeks instead of 3 whole months.

While we were there last night I took a few pics of what our car will look like.

Happy Friday!

~ k