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Apparently this is too much!

Apparently this is too much!

Matt cleaned out my car this weekend and decided I had too much random shit in my car. In my defense, it’s MY car! I can have whatever I want in there. He thought it would be funny to lay everything on the freezer so I could see it. šŸ™‚ Let’s make a list of random said items in my car (you’re welcome Sarah).

3 Pairs of sunglasses – though one is Matt’s (and there was another pair he actually left in the car so that’s 4)

1 koozi

2 sunglass cases

a pair of gloves

2 Auburn coasters that should live in the cup holders

a note pad

random papers

couple of pens

a car charger for my droid (that I no longer use)

a rite aid card

a bag with a mirror and old perfume

an Auburn sticker and a frankie’s fun pass card (used to scrap off ice)

and last but not least, a toothbrush šŸ˜‰

I personally don’t think I have too much stuff in my car. Granted the Jetta doesn’t have much storage space but still it’s my car. hehe

Happy Monday!




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