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  • The coolest thing!

    Last night as Matt and I were getting ready to go to sleep, I heard my email alert on my phone. ¬†It was almost a quarter till 11 (yes, I know we are old ūüėČ ) and I normally wouldn’t¬†bother looking at my phone but with all the showings we’ve had in the past few days I wanted to make sure it wasn’t a showing alert. ¬†I grabbed my phone and saw I had a blog comment. ¬†I figured it was spam until I read it. ¬†Umm holy cow!

    Not only was this NOT spam, ya’ll, it was someone famous! ¬†Author L.N. Cronk managed to find my blog! ¬†But not only did she find my blog, ¬†she commented on my 2013 Book Review post that featured her Chop, Chop series. ¬†A series of 8, or 9 as she graciously pointed out ;), books that span across the life of a boy and girl¬†from highschool to death. ¬†The series will tug at your heartstrings as you follow their journey through life. ¬†I will say again, the series is rooted in religion though I didn’t find that it distracted from the overall storyline.

    When I first started my blog like 5 years ago, I had dreams of being a “famous” blogger. ¬†As time has passed, I’ve realized 1) I’m not a really good writer, not that I ever claimed to be and 2) this blog is for me. ¬†Should people see it and find it interesting, YAY and welcome! ¬†That would make me extremely happy but the days of me being a “real” blogger have gone to the wayside.

    Can I just say, I’m still kind of freaking out that L.N. (we are besties now :D) commented on my blog. ¬†I’ve had a huge smile since last night. ¬†I really just think it is the coolest thing!


    P.S. I am going to try to do a house tour this week.  I finally have good pics and the house is basically done.  I also should have some updates on our current house.