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The coolest thing!

Last night as Matt and I were getting ready to go to sleep, I heard my email alert on my phone.  It was almost a quarter till 11 (yes, I know we are old 😉 ) and I normally wouldn’t bother looking at my phone but with all the showings we’ve had in the past few days I wanted to make sure it wasn’t a showing alert.  I grabbed my phone and saw I had a blog comment.  I figured it was spam until I read it.  Umm holy cow!

Not only was this NOT spam, ya’ll, it was someone famous!  Author L.N. Cronk managed to find my blog!  But not only did she find my blog,  she commented on my 2013 Book Review post that featured her Chop, Chop series.  A series of 8, or 9 as she graciously pointed out ;), books that span across the life of a boy and girl from highschool to death.  The series will tug at your heartstrings as you follow their journey through life.  I will say again, the series is rooted in religion though I didn’t find that it distracted from the overall storyline.

When I first started my blog like 5 years ago, I had dreams of being a “famous” blogger.  As time has passed, I’ve realized 1) I’m not a really good writer, not that I ever claimed to be and 2) this blog is for me.  Should people see it and find it interesting, YAY and welcome!  That would make me extremely happy but the days of me being a “real” blogger have gone to the wayside.

Can I just say, I’m still kind of freaking out that L.N. (we are besties now :D) commented on my blog.  I’ve had a huge smile since last night.  I really just think it is the coolest thing!


P.S. I am going to try to do a house tour this week.  I finally have good pics and the house is basically done.  I also should have some updates on our current house.



  • Amie

    Wow that’s pretty awesome!! I go to bed between 8:30 an 9 so you have meet beat for sure! haha How are things going for you guys in the TTC world?

  • L.N. Cronk

    Awww, well, now she has stumbled upon this one and you’ve put a big smile on her face! I think your definition of “famous” and my definition are two different things, but I’ll take what I can get. If you’re on FB you should send me a friend request (especially since we’re besties!). I’m Leeann Nugent Cronk. Many blessings to you – and your wedding pic is beautiful!!

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