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  • Dear Wednesday,

    Eff off! Thx!

    But seriously today SUCKED!  Everything was messed up and that stuff kept me busy all day.  It started with customer D-bag.  First he’s complaining because the number we gave him wasn’t what he wanted.  He said he asked for a certain area code so I found the area code and gave him the number.  Another order comes through and I give him said area code but OHHHHH NOOO, “I don’t want an OH area code!”  Seriously guy?!?!?!  That’s what you freaking asked for.  Honestly I’m pretty sure he is a complete and utter moron!  Anyhoo that was just the start and end to my day.  The middle sucked too.

    The only good thing I did today was going to sit in my car at lunch to read.  I’m almost half way the final Hunger Games book.  I have to say I didn’t see some of this coming.  I figure I will be finished by this weekend so I’m looking for a few more books to add to my kindle just in case hurricane Irene decides to turn more west and comes for Raleigh.  Right now they are predicting she is going more east and I don’t think we will get a whole lot aside from rain.   But at least we have candles and batteries.  I wouldn’t too much mind a nice stormy weekend.  As long a I can make my hair appointment on Saturday.  I really need a haircut and my color has grown out a good bit.


  • Craptastic, yes it’s a real word!

    Today has pretty much been a craptastic day!  {Aside from my new lens arriving}  I literally got back from lunch, opened my lens, put it on my camera and put it back in the bag.  I was so busy this afternoon nothing got done.  We’ve had a ton of expedites lately and they are driving me insane.  I am literally ready to kick someone in the freaking head!  GRRR!

    Now that I am home I am playing with my new lens while trying to learn more about my camera.  {Watch out}  I broke out the camera book Matt bought me last year.  I’ve decided that since I finally have an awesome lens it’s time to start learning what I can really do.  So I’m sitting here on the couch going through the book taking random pics with my new awesome lens.  {By the way, I feel this post is slipping away quickly.  I have no focus, not even for blogging right now}  I have also been somewhat inspired by a new blog I found. Paper camera heart is a pretty cool blog.  I haven’t read too much yet, I only found it a few days ago, but so far I am enjoying it.

    Okay this post is all over the place.  I’m going go back to reading.