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Craptastic, yes it’s a real word!

Today has pretty much been a craptastic day!  {Aside from my new lens arriving}  I literally got back from lunch, opened my lens, put it on my camera and put it back in the bag.  I was so busy this afternoon nothing got done.  We’ve had a ton of expedites lately and they are driving me insane.  I am literally ready to kick someone in the freaking head!  GRRR!

Now that I am home I am playing with my new lens while trying to learn more about my camera.  {Watch out}  I broke out the camera book Matt bought me last year.  I’ve decided that since I finally have an awesome lens it’s time to start learning what I can really do.  So I’m sitting here on the couch going through the book taking random pics with my new awesome lens.  {By the way, I feel this post is slipping away quickly.  I have no focus, not even for blogging right now}  I have also been somewhat inspired by a new blog I found. Paper camera heart is a pretty cool blog.  I haven’t read too much yet, I only found it a few days ago, but so far I am enjoying it.

Okay this post is all over the place.  I’m going go back to reading.


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