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  • Everyone gets a trophy

    I saw an article on Yahoo the other day but hadn’t gotten around to reading it yet.  This morning on the radio they mentioned said article.  A kid in Arkansas, a middle schooler I think, is no longer allowed score touch downs while playing football.  The kid is “too good” and apparently it’s not fair to the other teams they play!  Okay seriously, wtf?!?!

    You hear more and more stories like this now a days.  Kids now play on sports teams that don’t keep score!  They all get trophies because the parents have coddled these kids to the point of no return.  I can only imagine the group of whiny-ass needy adults we (this is the collective we and in no way am I referring to myself!) are currently raising.  Kids have no idea what it’s like to lose.  They don’t know how to deal with bullying.  {Okay now I really don’t think bullying is right but since the dawn of man kids have probably been bullied to a point.  You learn from it and move on.}

    I blame the parents.  When did our parents raise us to raise our children this way?  Where did they go wrong?  I don’t feel as though my parents raised me this way.  I feel completely jaded and cynical.  😉  I want winners and losers.  Not everyone gets a trophy.  Sometimes other people are better then you.  It happens, that’s life!  I feel that kids and parents alike need to toughen up.  Grow a pair.  Learn to lose.  Learn to pick yourself up when you fall down.  And learn to take a stand against those who push others around.

    Okay I think my rant for today is over.  And if this pisses you off, you are probably one of the people I am talking about!