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  • Let it be?

    Did anyone else know there is an “other” message inbox in your FB messages?  Oh, you didn’t either.  Well you do.  Apparently this is where messages from non friends go.  You can only get to this from your computer.  I didn’t see it as an option on my mobile app.

    I just discovered this little gem today.  Come to find out I had quite a few messages dating back to 2008.  Whoopsy.  😉  I’m mentioning this because there is one message I want to talk about.  It was from a former best friend.  When I lived in Austin this person interviewed me and when she called with the rejection, it was the nicest, best rejection ever.  She said I was more than qualified but she didn’t think it was the right school for me.  It was a position working in a high school helping kids with career counseling.  It was also a job I’d done previously with out of school youth in Alabama.

    A few months later she called me with a position working with out of school youth.  I accepted and spent that summer locating kids that had fallen out of the system.  I must say, I was good at this.  Really good!  I found kids others couldn’t find.  I even tracked a kid down in Las Vegas (my prize accomplishment).  Anyway, S and I became friends and then we became really good friends.  We each dealt with a lot of up and downs while I lived in Austin.  Eventually I moved to Raleigh and we were still great friends but things started changing.  Her life was still quite dramatic and mine was starting to settle down.  Eventually we had a falling out. This was 5-6 years ago and some days I miss our friendship.  At this point there are no ill feelings, at least on my side, and I hope all is well with her.

    Cue today.  I realized I had an “others” inbox on FB and found a message from her.  From 2012  She said I popped up as someone she might know and noticed I was married and she wanted to wish me well.  I feel bad I never saw the message and to be honest I don’t know that I would have responded but maybe I wouldn’t have.  I honestly don’t know.  I started thinking about it this morning and I think I’ve decided somethings are better left alone.  While I valued her friendship while I had it, she brought a lot of chaos to my life because she had a lot chaos in her life.  I feel like I’ve grown so much since then and hopefully she has too but I don’t think it’s worth diving into that again.  Plus that was over 2 years ago so it is really worth rehashing the past?