Just Because

The other day I came home and there was a package on the counter.  I looked at it and saw it had been delivered to Matt at work.  I figured it was a work thing but I didn’t understand why it was unopened.  I asked Matt what it was and he told me to open… Read More Just Because


Gettin’ my craft on!

The past few days at work have been quite boring.  To the point that yesterday I think I found the end of the internet.  Last night while I was watching TV I decided I should start working on a craft project for a friend who is having a little boy in a few months.  They’ve… Read More Gettin’ my craft on!


Best husband award

Goes to my husband. I came home today and there was anew iPad on the counter waiting for me! Yay! Over the past few weeks I’ve started mentioning I might like an iPad, not a new one but a refurb would be fine. Matt got one for Christmas and we have the HP touchpad, which… Read More Best husband award