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Gettin’ my craft on!

The past few days at work have been quite boring.  To the point that yesterday I think I found the end of the internet.  Last night while I was watching TV I decided I should start working on a craft project for a friend who is having a little boy in a few months.  They’ve decided on a superhero themed nursery.  I tried to think what I could do that would be superhero themed.  PLUS, I thought it would be nice if I could work on it at work.  😉

Anyway, an idea came to mind and this morning I spent some time researching superheros.  Then I spent a lot of time working on my project. hehe.  {I told you we are slow.}  So a few hours later I think my project is done.  I’m currently waiting on some feedback just to make sure this is “the” final version.  I actually think this turned out pretty well so this gift may be shipped sooner rather than later just so I can post a pic. 😉


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