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365 Challenge – Week 4

365 Challenge – Week 4

I know I’m a few days late but I haven’t had a chance to edit at work. ūüėČ ¬†Here are my pics from last week. ¬†I’m currently working from home today since it’s a SNOW DAY but I’ll blog about that tomorrow! (and include some pics!)

Random view of the sidewalk in front of the office.
I love this tree. It is down the street from my office. One day last week when school was cancelled I stopped on my way to work to snap a quick pic.
The Hunt Library on campus.
The lake down the street from the office.
My little yard frog. He’s seen better days for sure. We had a light dusting of snow.
A random left on the sidewalk.
A guy Matt knows said this cute little guy was scaring his kids and he was going to have to get rid of it. I told Matt to tell him we’d take it. Now I just need an Auburn one.


365 Challenge

365 Challenge

What is a 365 Challenge you ask? ¬†Well it’s when you commit to doing a certain thing everyday for a year. ¬†In my case it’s a photography challenge. ¬†The goal is to help me get better with my camera and take better pics. ¬†Now, with that said, I’m only 13 days into my challenge and I haven’t quite taken a pic a day. Guys, let me tell you, this is hard! ¬†So instead of giving up on the idea I’ve decided to stick with it in a less rigid fashion. ¬†I WILL take 365 pictures this year but some days I make take 2 and a skip a few days of actual photography. ¬†I feel like this will still help me accomplish my goal without completely burning me out.

Part of the problem too, is my lack of confidence in stopping the car to take a pic.  I am much more confident to do this when I have someone with me, but being on my own tends to be quite difficult.  Not to make excuses, but as a child I was pretty shy and still am to a point.  It takes me a little while in new situations to warm up.  Stopping to take a pic definitely puts me outside my comfort zone.  Hopefully this challenge will also help with this as well.

I’m going to try and do these posts on Mondays starting today.

New Year’s Eve at the stroke of midnight.
This is from my lightbox and probably my least favorite pic of the bunch.
The Raleigh Acorn. This is our NYE “ball.” It was in the park across from my tattoo artist.
My tattoo boutique.
I liked all 3 of these and I couldn’t decide.



A little memento from this football season and my pic for the 6th.
Some glittery sticks beside the fireplace.
Some wires in the parking garage at work.
The holly bush beside our house.
The tree in our yard.
We had a beautiful sunset yesterday.