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  • Look at this face!

    The other night Julio was sleeping with his eyes open. He was O.U.T! I take every opportunity to take his pic when he is being cute but most of the time he’s never that out of it and he will move. The other night though he was exhausted apparently because he didn’t even flintch when I took the pic.



  • Our weekend – in pics

    Okay so I really have no inspiration right now so you get videos and pics! ¬†ūüėČ ¬†But in my defense we did a lot this weekend and I think pics are really the less boring way to get through this.

    As I mentioned we bought a new patio set and I love it! ¬†It is just what we needed. ¬†The deck isn’t that big so we didn’t need a really big set. ¬†In fact I don’t think we really even needed 4 chairs, hence we bought 2 (see Friday’s post for pics.)

    Then on Saturday we painted our guest room, finally! ¬†I feel like this was one pain after the other. ¬†First, I’m an idiot and got the wrong color. ¬†Oopsy. ¬†Thankfully it is a color I absolutely LOVE! ¬†It’s our downstairs color called Tempered Allspice by Valspar. ¬†I had planned to paint this room our all over color, Mesa something I think. ¬†Then we ran out of paint about halfway through the second coat. ¬†Luckily we had 2 more cans downstairs. ¬†Unluckily, we noticed the old can of paint seemed to be just a touch lighter. ¬†Grrr! ¬†The only thing we can think of is the first coat had primer in it but the second didn’t. ¬†I didn’t think that would affect the color but clearly I was wrong so after 2 coats I was done. ¬†Well Matt is totally anal and decided by the time we ran to Lowe’s to get another little can with primer he could just repaint the whole room. ¬†I told him I did not like this idea and I wasn’t helping. ¬†And no I don’t feel bad. ¬†We could have gone over the edges later. ¬†Anyway here is the almost finished product. I just need to change the bed skirt and hang curtains, which I have.


    On Sunday I planted some¬†begonia’s¬†out front. ¬†We have this weird little strip between the driveway and the porch so I decided it needed a little color. ¬†I think they look great. ¬†Now I just need them to live. ūüôā



    And a cute pic of the daredevil himself.  This is where I found him when I came inside last night.  And no, this is NOT where he should be!


    Happy Tuesday!


  • For your viewing pleasure!

    Matt and I were super busy this weekend. We got the guest room painted, bought a new patio set, and I planted some flowers out front. But it appears we have some leaky toilets so instead of showing you all the cool stuff we did I’m going to post a video of Julio sporting his new harness.

    Dumbass channeled his inner Puss in Boots and jumped off the deck Friday night. It’s only about 15 feet to the ground. Thankfully he was fine but now he’s sporting a cool new kitty harness.

    Happy Monday!

    ~ k

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  • Damn Birds!

    Matt and I have been sleeping with the windows open since the weather has been nice lately.  Apparently we have a family/flock/gang of birds living in the trees around our house because those damn birds chirp ALL. DAMN. NIGHT!

    Last night, at some point, I woke up and heard the birds chirping and I remember thinking I wish these things would shut up.  I guess that translated into my dreams because later I had a dream that I let Julio out of the house and he ran and jumped in the pond to get a bird.  HAHA!  Of course I ran after him but he was in the water with a bird wing in his mouth.  Silly kitty, crazy dream.  I woke up thinking how funny it was.

    Clearly life has been pretty boring lately. ūüôā