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Our weekend – in pics

Okay so I really have no inspiration right now so you get videos and pics!  😉  But in my defense we did a lot this weekend and I think pics are really the less boring way to get through this.

As I mentioned we bought a new patio set and I love it!  It is just what we needed.  The deck isn’t that big so we didn’t need a really big set.  In fact I don’t think we really even needed 4 chairs, hence we bought 2 (see Friday’s post for pics.)

Then on Saturday we painted our guest room, finally!  I feel like this was one pain after the other.  First, I’m an idiot and got the wrong color.  Oopsy.  Thankfully it is a color I absolutely LOVE!  It’s our downstairs color called Tempered Allspice by Valspar.  I had planned to paint this room our all over color, Mesa something I think.  Then we ran out of paint about halfway through the second coat.  Luckily we had 2 more cans downstairs.  Unluckily, we noticed the old can of paint seemed to be just a touch lighter.  Grrr!  The only thing we can think of is the first coat had primer in it but the second didn’t.  I didn’t think that would affect the color but clearly I was wrong so after 2 coats I was done.  Well Matt is totally anal and decided by the time we ran to Lowe’s to get another little can with primer he could just repaint the whole room.  I told him I did not like this idea and I wasn’t helping.  And no I don’t feel bad.  We could have gone over the edges later.  Anyway here is the almost finished product. I just need to change the bed skirt and hang curtains, which I have.


On Sunday I planted some begonia’s out front.  We have this weird little strip between the driveway and the porch so I decided it needed a little color.  I think they look great.  Now I just need them to live. 🙂



And a cute pic of the daredevil himself.  This is where I found him when I came inside last night.  And no, this is NOT where he should be!


Happy Tuesday!



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