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No shoes = Kindle?

No shoes = Kindle?

I just thought about it but I guess I should really update you about “the” shoes and I don’t mean my flip flops.  You know the adorable Calvin Kleins I was supposed to get.  Well on Saturday I made Matt run to the mall.  I really needed some more makeup but I also wanted to get some new shoes.  After running to the Bare Minerals store we headed to Macy’s.  Lo and behold I found my shoes quite quickly.  To my disappointment they really weren’t want I thought I wanted.  While they were really cute and comfy sling backs the heels just weren’t tall enough.  I’m short!  I need heels!  Or should I say I WANT heels!  These just weren’t high enough to make me the height I am. 😉  I did browse the shoe section to make sure there was nothing else that caught my eye.  Booo!  I came home shoeless.

A few of the knotties turned nesters decided to start a book club.  I like to read so I decided to join in.  A book was decided on and it was time to start reading.  I told Matt after we left the mall that we needed to run by Target so I could get our book club book.  He then asked me if we needed to get me a Kindle.  With a small gleam in my eye I said yes.  Secretly I’ve kind of wanted a Kindle since he got one.  Really I think it was more because he had one and I didn’t {I know I know}.  We headed to Best Buy to buy me a Kindle!  YAY!

I really really wanted a white Kindle but at nearly $200.00 it just wasn’t worth it.  I don’t really need wireless AND 3G, which is the only option for white.  I only need wireless so I settled for the gray wireless one with Ads.  Go me!  I saved us another $20.00 because the Kindle with Ads is cheaper.  The compromise is that I can get the AWESOME pink cover.  I ordered that as soon as we got home.  Now if the damn thing would ship.

I will say while the Kindle is very easy to read the lack of page numbers is killing me.  I accidently pressed the wrong button last night {quite a few times dammit!} and got lost.  Ughh!  I know you can press the menu button to see the page number but really I just need page numbers!