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  • Skin Care – again….

    I know, I know.  I seem to change skin care routines all the time.  It’s nice now that my skin isn’t so super sensitive, I can change things up for time to time and not worry.

    This new routine is a mix of several previous skin care routines.  So here’s what I’m currently using:


    I start with Coconut Oil.  I scoop out a little bit with my fingers and massage the oil into my skin.  I find this is a good way to breakdown your makeup.  Once I’ve massaged my skin I will use a cotton round with a little Coconut Oil to remove my eye make up.  I would suggest lightly wetting the cotton round, otherwise you’ll get cotton fibers stuck in your eye lashes.  Once I get the majority of my eye makeup off, I flip the cotton round over and wipe off the rest of my face.  You will still have a decent amount of oil on your skin.  And most times I will actually use whatever oil is left on my hands to massage my skin a bit more.  I basically just use the cotton round to remove the makeup before massaging more oil in.  You can do this as long as you want.  Some nights I take my time and others I just do a quick once over before moving on to the next step.  This is the facial massage I kind of follow, but not really.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8h022_ZDnv0&app=desktop

    Once I done massaging the Coconut Oil into my skin, I get about a quarter to half a pump of my Cereva Cleanser.  I add a little water and rub it on my skin but just enough to get the product on my skin.  Then I use my Olay Pro-X to cleanse the rest of my skin.  This doesn’t actually remove all the oil but I feel like it does a good job of removing any remaining dirt.

    After I rinse my face off, I pat it dry and apply 3 drops of the Rosehip Oil.  True Rosehip Oil does NOT smell like roses.  It has a very earthy smell.  Matt says my face smells like grass after I apply it.  The Rosehip Oil absorbs pretty quickly into the skin (like 5-10 mins).  I then apply my Mary Kay eye cream and moisturizer.

    As you can see, this is kind of a process but it seems to be working pretty well for me.  My skin has gotten drier as I’ve gotten older and I really like using oils.  I feel like my overall complexion has evened out some since I’ve started this routine.  I also feel like my blackheads getting better.  I haven’t had any crazy breakouts either.  I would recommend this routine for all skin types.  Dry skin needs the moisture and oils actually help oily skin not over produce oil.

    You can also search the blog for OCM and that will pull up a post or two regarding the Oil Cleansing Method.  You could do this with Coconut Oil instead of the process I am currently using.


  • OCM – week 1

    Just a quick update on my progress with OCM.  So far so good.  I’ve had a few breakouts since starting but I had breakouts before so I don’t really see any change in that.  Overall I guess my skin looks fine.  To be honest I haven’t seen any huge changes.  I guess that’s not really a bad thing.

    I did decide to use my regular Aveeno face wash in the mornings.  I felt I wasn’t getting my face as clean trying to do this in the shower.  I’m not sure if it was just the weather a few days last week but I also felt my skin was a bit oilier during the day.  Again this could have just been the weird warm weather or it could have been I wasn’t doing a great job in the shower.  Either way I switched back to regular face wash.  Since I haven’t really had any issues I will probably continue with this for a while.  I do really like the ease with which my eye make-up comes off at night.  It’s nice not waking up with huge black circles from my mascara and eye-liner.


  • OCM – Day 3

    Over the weekend Matt and I ran some errands and while we were out we bought some Castor Oil and Sunflower Seed Oil.  Saturday night I started OCM (oil cleansing method).  As I mentioned a few days ago the thought is that by using “good” oil on your skin it will help get rid of the “bad” pore clogging oil and dirt.

    I used a 70/30 mixture of Sunflower Seed Oil to Castor Oil.  This is the recommended ratio for oily skin.  I must say it’s pretty weird to slather oil all over your face.  If you’re like me you spent a good portion of your teen years trying to remove as much oil as possible.  But as I got older I learned more and realized striping all the oil from your skin wasn’t a good idea either.

    Anyway, I messaged the oil into my skin while I let a wash cloth sit under the hot water.  Once I left I had sufficiently oiled myself I laid the hot wash cloth on my face to steam.  {Please use caution with the hot water.  You want it hot but not scalding.}  After my steam I rinsed the wash cloth and begin to remove the oil.  I was really surprised how nice my skin felt after.  Honestly I expected it might be kind of greasy but it was soft and clean feeling.  And I didn’t get the tight clean feeling.  So far I’ve done it morning and night since Saturday and my skin looks good and it feels nice.  I even feel like my make-up has stayed on a bit better.  Not to mention this stuff is GREAT for removing eye make up.  😉

    I’ll give a few more updates before I make my final decision but as I mentioned before as long as my skin doesn’t go crazy I’ll probably stick with this.  It a cheap and natural way to cleanse your skin.


  • I’m gonna do it

    I am going to try the Oil Cleansing Method.  You can click here to check out what it’s all about.  I keep seeing this pop up around pinterest and I am dying to try it.  Basically it states that oil dissolves oil and is actually good for your skin.  I have naturally oily skin, that tends to break out some.  And to be honest I’ll try almost anything once.  🙂

    The article I linked to says to use Castor Oil and Sunflower Seed Oil but this has proved to be a challenge.  I can’t find Sunflower Seed Oil ANYWHERE!  And I don’t feel like ordering something online and then not liking it.  I’ve seen a few other articles that say to use EVOO and Castor Oil.  As luck would have it I have EVOO in the pantry and you can find Castor Oil at the drug store.  Score!  I am totally picking up some Castor Oil tomorrow.

    I did a little research and found Castor Oil has tons of uses as well.  {Clearly I will believe anything I find online. 😉 }

    I think I will do a two week test with this and see how it goes.  I will blog my progress.  And if you are lucky I will even take a few progress pics.


    ETA:  Have you tried this?  If so please comment on your experience.