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  • Pizza and Fire

    Our weekend was pretty quiet except for Saturday night. Matt and I ran errands in the morning and while we were out we stopped at Trader Joe’s. We ended up grabbing some pizza dough, fresh mozzarella, and a basil plant (I am determined to grow basil dammit!).

    Saturday night Matt grabbed the pizza stone and fired up the grill. We had decided to try making pizza on the gill with the stone. We go inside and start making our pizzas while the grill and pizza stone heat up. I had just finished topping mine when we headed out. Matt opened the grill and the whole thing flamed up. We laughed and he cut the gas off. Next thing we know the deck railing is on fire. Matt grabs the oven mitt and starts trying to put it out while I run inside and grab some water. A nice splash of water and the rail fire is out. Then I notice that inside the grill, where the propane tanks are are on fire. Crap! We grab more water and put that fire out too.

    Once all the fires were out we surveyed the damage. Rail behind the grill charred. Christmas lights (from 2009 ish) melted to the rail. Keg trash can that had been against the grill, melted. Hose connecting the grill to the propane tank also melted.

    That’s not even as bad as it first was but I didn’t get a pic.
    You can see the char on the rail and the grill and the melted lights.



    Finally, my yummy pizza.

    We cleaned up what we could and then moved the pizza stone to the oven. A few minutes later I had pizza and it was Matt’s turn to put his in the oven. Needless to say dinner was quiet interesting. We always have fun on pizza night, whether it’s smoking the house up and the fire alarm going off or apparently actually having a real fire on the deck.

    Thankfully the whole thing wasn’t that bad, but we both know it could have been worse. The deck is in terrible shape and we are planning a redo in the next few weeks so that was fine. The grill ended up being saved when Matt found a replacement hose at Lowes. Needless to say the grill got a good cleaning on Sunday. From what we can figure, the stuff in the bottom of the grill caught fire. Then when Matt opened it up, I think that’s when it caught the rail on fire.

    With that, make sure you watch your grill! Shit can happen and it can happen quiet fast!