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  • I’m a holiday slacker

    I just can’t get in the mood to decorate the tree.  I don’t know what it is.  It is currently chillin’ in the corner of the den waiting to be fluffed, lit and decorated.  Right now it is a sad sad tree.  But I DON’T WANNA decorate it right now.  I still haven’t finished my decorative Christmas trees from last week.  Not to mention the stack of Christmas cards that need to be addressed, stamped and mailed.  Ughh, why do I suck right now?  I think tomorrow is my day.  Matt is going to the State basketball game with the guys so hopefully I can find my Christmas cheer and decorate.

    I’ll post pics once the house is done.


  • Yes I’m a big slacker!

    Yes I am aware.  I completely spaced on Foto Friday but in my defense it was really too hot to take any pics.  It has been too hot to move really.  🙂

    Anyway, be prepared to be bombarded with pics over the next few weeks.  Last week Matt decided to order the new Macbook Air.  Well if he gets a new laptop then *I* get a new camera lens (and yes this is completely a tit for tat situation).  But guys this is not just any camera lens.  This is THE ONE!  The 18-200mm I’ve been lusting over for about 2 years now.  It is not a cheap lens hence the lusting part.  Thankfully we’ve had a really good month so these two purchases aren’t too bad on the pocketbook.  This lens will also complete my camera bag for a while.  I will now have 3 very good lenses all for different things.  I am soooo excited I am finally getting this.

    I have dreams of stopping randomly on the road to take pics.  Now this probably won’t really happen, at least not if I’m alone but I will definitely be inclined to carry my camera more.  Plus we are going back to the beach this weekend and I will have my new lens.  I am really looking forward to being able to capture a wider range of images.

    And on somewhat related side note, I found some really good editing software.  It’s actually really cheap so now I’m trying to decide if I want to purchase this too.  It would really enhance portraits.  Hmmm. 😉