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  • I got a Dyson!

    Who knew this would turn into a blog post?  HAHA!  So Matt and I got some unexpected money as a wedding gift.  This unexpected amount was just enough to cover the cost of a Dyson.  And you guessed it that’s exactly what we ended up buying.

    I originally thought about putting one on our registry but figured a gift with that price tag would be left.  I didn’t think about the fact that Target would give you 10% off your registry after the wedding to purchase any left over items.  So I ended up adding one the other day.  Well Matt started doing some research, because that’s what he does ;), and ended up finding the one we wanted at Walmart for $100.00 less then the Target price.  Screw 10%, give me $100.00.

    After the whole ipod debacle over Valentine’s Day I decided I would also check the Dyson prices on Amazon.  I mean if Walmart can’t ship to store quicker then Amazon can ship to my house with a head start what’s the point right?  As it turned out Walmart had the Dyson I wanted for the price with same day in store pick up!  Holy crap!  I immediately texted Matt to tell him we could get it today from Walmart and made the purchase.  EEEKKK!

    Matt ran to pick up the new vacuum this afternoon.  When he got home he decided to test it out on our rug in the den.  He then sent me a pic.  OMG!  Let’s just say the rug was dirty.  HAHA!  I couldn’t wait to get home to try out my new toy – yes it is sad when you get excited over a vacuum.  So he brought it upstairs and I started to go around our room.  Several passes over one spot and I needed to empty the container.  WOW!  Our floors were dirty!  I went over the carpet in our bedroom about 3 times before the canister stopped getting super filled.  I still cannot believe just how dirty the carpet was.  Not only does it look cleaner (and the carpet has got to be over 5 years old) but it also feels softer.

    I must say I was pretty reluctant to spend that kind of money on a vacuum but Dyson just might win my heart.  I foresee lots of vacuum in the near future.


    I loved this little spot at our resort.

    Another cool spot on the resort.

    This isn’t a great pic but I still like it.

  • I’m spoiled, he’s allergic

    I’m spoiled.  Yes, there I said it.  Actually that was my thought about 4 o’clock this morning.  Since Matt and I returned home he’s developed some random dry cough.  He has woken up several nights having coughing fits.  Last night I woke up to him coughing.  As I lay there mostly asleep, he got up and told me he would go downstairs to the couch.  My next thought was how spoiled I was.  There I am laying in bed sleeping and he’s the one not feeling great and HE goes to sleep on the couch.  Awww!  I guess a good wife would have offered to go to another room or to the couch but in all fairness I WAS asleep.  He was awake. 🙂

    Matt jokes that he is allergic to marriage since he hasn’t felt so well since we got back.  Personally I think it’s allergies.  We both seem to cough, sniff and be stuffy more when we are home.  Could this be the two cats?  Maybe.  Could it be the carpet that now needs to be replaced?  Sure.  Could it be his yucky pillow he’s had for years and years and years?  Umm YES!  HAHA!  But really I think it’s probably a little bit of all of it.  I still refuse to believe our adorable little furbaby Julio could be the culprit.  He is our baby and it’s not like we would get rid of him even if we were allergic.

    It’s funny the things you will tolerate given the circumstance.



    I think this is a crazy awesome pic of the wave.

    This was a sailboat in Marigot Bay.

    Our Cocktail pic.

  • Cool whip or whipped cream?

    One night I was reading one of my regular daily blogs and the girl mentioned eating oreos or something with cool whip.  MMM yummy!  Matt just happened to see this and said something like “how lazy”.  I asked what he was talking about and he said the cool whip.  He was like why would you buy cool whip when you can just make it.  This lead us to a discussion about growing up.

    Unlike Matt, my mom didn’t really like to cook.  I mean she made meals and stuff but she always said she didn’t like to cook.  And I remember several dishes from a kid that I loved but only remember having a few times.  Anyhoo, not really the point, Matt grew up with a mom who did like to cook and bake so we both have pretty different opinions about food.  It’s really only been in the past few years that I have wanted to become a better cook.  (I feel pretty confident in my baking abilities 😉 )

    One night while we were at Matt’s parents house, Matt’s mom whipped up some whipped cream to top our strawberries.  Who knew you could pour heavy cream in a bowl and beat till whipped?  Obviously not this girl.  Now I find myself whipping up heavy cream for our strawberries.

    I just think it’s funny how the two of us can look at something as simple as “cool-whip” and think two completely different things.  I’m not sure what it was about the cool whip conversation that got me but every now and then I find myself thinking about cool whip vs whipped cream.  I’ve actually been meaning to write about this for a while.  It just hit me as I was standing in the kitchen with heavy cream in my hand.


    And as promised, a few more pics.

    View from the resort.

    The bride and groom.