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Stila, stila, stila’n my heart

Stila, stila, stila’n my heart

I’m clever.  HAHA!

Obviously I’ve been looking for a new foundation.  After watching countless Youtube makeup tutorials I’ve decided not to settle for “just okay” makeup.  I’m going to at least try and be fancy.  🙂  Matt and I took Monday off and ran errands, mostly buying Christmas presents.  While we were out I made Matt drop me off at Ulta.  My plan had been to get  a few samples to try.  However, once I got to Ulta, I quickly realized NO ONE was going to help me.  I wandered around aimlessly for a few minutes before I started trying different foundations on my hand.  Nothing really caught my attention until I came to the Stila display.  One of the foundations I picked up, the Stay All Day Foundation, was nice and creamy.  Aahh ha!  I like the texture and feel but at $44.00 it was a little pricey.  I looked around a little more and finally decided to just try the Stila.  On the plus side, the Stila included a concealer.  So that kind of made up for the price.

I went to the counter to pay and asked about the return policy.  Sixty days with a receipt.  Sold!

Later in the day I finally decided I really really needed to try this stuff out.  I washed my face and grabbed my new Stila foundation.  The foundation went on smooth and the concealer really smoothed out nicely and didn’t get cakey, not something I normally find.  Much to my surprise, it really made my skin look radiant.  Guys, seriously, I do not have good skin.  It’s always had a rudey tone to it so when I put this on and it made my skin look nice and clear I was in Heaven!  It added just the right amount of highlight too.  This could also be because I’m pale right now so the color is pretty light but regardless it makes my skin look luminous.

The only downside to this, besides the price, is the little “wand” thingy in the top.  I feel like the packaging could be better but as one reviewer pointed out, this makes it easier to get every last bit out of the bottle.  So we’ll see.

I’m only a few days in but so far I like this much better than the gross Clinique I was using and I also find it better than the Bobbi Brown.  It seems to last all day where the Bobbi Brown didn’t.  I hope this continues to do well with my skin because so far so good.