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  • I’m running out of room

    For plants in the yard. Ya’ll this is craziness! I have NEVER been a gardener but lately I can’t seem to get enough plants.

    Saturday I ran to Lowe’s and picked up some cute Coral Reef Sedum ground cover to replace the old, yucky, spotty monkey grass. I had no idea what I wanted when I went to Lowe’s but this cute stuff caught my eye and for $10.00 a flat I couldn’t pass it up.

    Yesterday I started working on digging up the current monkey grass. Thankfully it was a pretty small area but it still took about an hour for me to get it all pulled up. I planted my sedum and as I was finishing up Matt came out to check on my progress. By this time I knew I needed more garden border, potting soil, and mulch. He happily ran to Lowe’s while I worked on a few more things. Then he helped me get the border in place. Since the sedum is a trailing plant I figured it was probably a good idea to contain it the best I could. Plus the border makes the space look nice and finished.

    Unfortunately my gardening didn’t just stop with the ground cover. As we were walking into the grocery store I saw some beautiful flowers called ranunculus. I immediately fell in love and ended up buying a pot when we left. ūüôā Now I have to plant it. I thought I might pot it but I have a little space in the corner of the front with nothing there. I was just thinking I needed something for that space so I have a feeling that’s where the ranunculus will go.

    I have failed to mention just how sore I am. My hamstrings are killing me today. I knew it was going to be bad as soon as I headed up the stairs yesterday. I was right. Sore back, sore butt, sore hammies.

    Here are a few pics of the yard.

    This is last year before I did any yard work. I HATED these ugly bushes.
    This is after we pulled the bushes out with the new Azaleas, Mums and Pansies. You can see the monkey grass by the porch. ¬†I’m thinking I might put the¬†ranunculus¬†in between the mum on the left and the bush. ¬†It’s pretty open and could use a filler.
    My ranunculus
    Close up of the Coral Reef Sedum
    The Coral Reef Sedum where the monkey grass used to be.  It should fill the bed in a few months, I hope.


  • Yard work Update

    I decided I was having a competition with our neighbors across the street for the best yard. ¬†They ripped out their bushes a few weeks before we did and planted one¬†measly¬†little plant. ¬†It died before they got the other 2 in. ¬†They’ve since added a couple of mums and bush but still, I feel like they had no direction so ¬†clearly we just won. ¬†In this post I showed you the before and after. ¬†This weekend Matt and I ran to Lowe’s and got 5 small¬†azaleas¬†and a flat of pansies. ¬†I bought 2 mums a few weeks ago but with my surgery I hadn’t been able to plant them.

    I asked my mom and dad to come over yesterday and help me plant my bushes. ¬†I figured mom would enjoy doing some yard work since that’s her thing. ¬†We figured out our arrangement and my dad was nice enough to dig holes for us so we could plant everything. ¬†We staggered the¬†azalea’s¬† put the mums at the bottom and planted the pansies in between the mums. ¬†I think the¬†arrangement¬†turned out well. ¬†Mom also brought me her irises. ¬†We planted them on the side of the house for now. ¬†Once mom and dad get settled she will take the ones she wants and leave me a few. ¬†They aren’t really in the best spot but living in a townhouse there isn’t that much room to plant things.