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Take that Irene!

Take that Irene!

Needless to say we survive hurricane Irene.  Friday afternoon she started to roll in and the clouds looked pretty awesome.  On Saturday there was just a lot of wind and rain but nothing really crazy.  I went to my hair appointment and the power flickered a few times while I was there but it never went out.

That afternoon Matt and I pretty much just vegged out since there wasn’t much to do.  We only lost power once for maybe 2 minutes.  What’s funny is it wasn’t really raining or even that windy when the power went out.  Later that afternoon once things had calmed down, we walked around our neighborhood.  This is when we got to see the damage.


Our street sign was knocked down.  When, neither of us are sure.


Tree limbs from the neighbors tree.

As you can see it was really not bad at all here.  We were right on the edge of the storm.  Of course many places to the east of us did not fair so well.  Lots of flooding and damage.  Roads washed out, thousands are still without power.  I’m sure the clean up effort from this storm will take a long time.  But we can be thankful it wasn’t bad here.


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