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Thanksgiving table

My new obsession with Pinterest has fueled my desire to decorate the house.  For the past few days I’ve been trying to decide how to decorate the table for Thanksgiving.  We will be hosting Matt’s parents and maybe another couple.  This means I want to do something great for our Thanksgiving table.  I ran to Carolina Pottery yesterday and found a really great bowl but it was too large, not really the right color and well, too pricey.

At lunch today I ran to World Market and wouldn’t you know they had the SAME platter only smaller, in the right color and the price was a hell of a lot better.  You know I bought it and the rest of my table will work with said platter.  The only problem is, now that the table is set I think it needs more.  MORE I say!  The table looks nice but “too clean” if that makes sense.  I guess I will be making a few more trips to Carolina Pottery, Michaels, etc. before the holiday.

I have pics but I don’t think I will post them yet 😉


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