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The short list

It’s only Tuesday and I feel like this week is already dragging.  I’m sure it doesn’t help that our system at work is having on by the proverbial thread.  I keep waiting for it to just die!

Today at lunch I ran to Carolina Pottery {you see a pattern starting} to look for rugs.  I am determined to replace the rug in our living room.  It doesn’t really go with my “decor” vision.  🙂  Honestly I’m not really sure what this vision is yet but I think a new rug will help.  Anyway, I found 3 really good contenders.  I took pics and emailed them to Matt.  Of course he wasn’t as fond of my favorite but I think if he sees it it might grow on him.  And out of the 3 it really did seem like the nicest.

I’m thinking we will make a little trip over there this weekend to check them out.  Right now this is on the top of my “want” list.  The “want” list also includes painting the house, replacing the carpets, replacing the deck and having the ac fixed.  Well that is really the short list. 😉


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