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There’s a blue streak

I’ve been coloring my hair since I was about 16, so almost half my life.  For the most part, I do a pretty good job.  So much so that most professionals say it looks good.  Either they are all being nice, which I find hard to believe, or I do a pretty darn good job!

Right before my 17th birthday, I think, I ended up really messing up my color.  I wanted it lighter so I used Born Blonde.  If you don’t know what Born Blonde is, let me tell you.  It strips all the pigment out of your hair.  At least that’s what happened to me.  I was okay at first and then mom told me it looked like Playboy Bunny hair.  Cue freak out!  I immediately called the company to see how I could fix it.  After going rounds with the customer service agent who couldn’t tell me what to do, but also kept telling me I didn’t  need to go to a salon, I lost it.  Full blown teenage girl freak-out!  Feeling sorry for me, mom took me to the nearest salon.  I sat in the chair and the lady explained what would need to happen.  First she would have to fill it, then she could color it.  It was a process but in the end my hair color looked pretty good.  Not to mention, I think we only paid like $85.00.

A couple of weeks ago while at Ulta, I noticed a new hair-color I’d not seen before.  It was by John Freda.  As I was standing there debating what color to get another lady walked up.  We began talking and she said she had used this before and really liked the results.  Talking to a real person who had used this product sold me.  I grabbed their Neutral Blonde and headed home.

I’d planned to hold off coloring my hair as long as possible and until Tuesday it still looked really good.  But then on Tuesday, it completely hit the wall.  It was flat and gross and I really needed a cut.  I looked at the calendar and realized it had been 13 weeks since my last haircut!  :O  I called the salon and was lucky enough to get an appt for Wednesday afternoon.  I went home Tuesday night and applied color.  After I washed my hair I knew it looked too brassy but I figured I would just get my stylist to put a toner on it before she cut it.  She does this for me from time to time and it’s not that expensive so Matt can’t complain.

My stylist was running late so she asked another girl to wash my hair.  I told her I wanted a toner so she washed and then grabbed my stylist to tone.  After a few minutes she started to wash it out.  Once she shampooed she goes “So there’s a little section that is kind of blue.  It picked up too much of the toner.  I’m going to need to buff this out.”  Okay, so no big deal right, I mean she’s a professional and she’ll fix it.  The only problem was, I’d been sitting in the wash chair, for what seemed like forever at this point and my neck was killing me.  She mixed something else up, “buffed it out”, washed it again, and then, FINALLY, conditioned my hair.  It took all I had to get my head back up.  We go back to her chair and she cuts my hair.  Before I leave she adds some hairspray.  This is when I notice my hair feels GROSS!  Like ick!  I attribute it to the hairspray and leave.

This morning as I’m washing my hair, I notice it still feels pretty gross, like I have a ton of product on it.  Even after washing and conditioning, still gross.  I blow it dry and it still feels icky.  I can’t help but think it was the toner.  It did at least manage to kill some of the brass but this is by far not my fave color.  Next time I’m going with ash!  Anyway, my hair is finally starting to feel normal again.  I’m going to glaze it in the morning and see if I can’t knock the rest of the brass out and make it feel smoother and softer.

Anyway, I’m sure it will be fine.  This is not a hair color disaster but it might be one I remember for a while.  Never have I had my hair turn blue!  I’m glad it was an easy fix because I really like my stylist but I might not be ordering another toner! 😉



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