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Today, it’s all about him!

Well it looks like this week is starting off well.  First it’s our one monthiversay, then we go eat yummy delicious mexican food to celebrate and today Matt gets an offer for a new job!  YAY!  He wasn’t actually looking for a new job but someone contacted him, he interviewed and this place seems like a much better fit.  It doesn’t hurt the pay will be a little better.  😉

The new place sounds like the atmosphere is more like my current job.  They have group functions and it is more causal.  Like he can wear shorts to work causal.  Overall I think this is a great opportunity and I am super proud of him.  I knew when he interviewed that they would love him.  And of course I was right.  I mean who wouldn’t love him?  He’s a pretty great guy, even if he makes me help with the stup

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