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Tuesday you suck!

Today sucked.  You would think coming off a holiday today would have been good since it will be a short week but nooooooooooooooo.  I wasn’t the only  person who had issues with today.  It seemed like everyone had tons of issues, not to mention a co-worker is out for the rest of the week and aside from the long ass list of stuff she left most of it was messed up.  I spent over an hour working on one of her orders.  I should add our system is a complete piece of shit.  So what should have only taken a few minutes took almost an hour.  Yeah.

Now Matt and I are sitting here waiting for a storm to come.  It seems as though Tropical Storm Lee, it hit AL and LA this weekend, has spawned storms up to NC.  They are saying we could have flash flooding and tornadoes.  Fun stuff.

Let’s just hope the week gets better.


ETA: we still don’t have an update on our car yet either!  Grrrr!

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