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We got a new toy!

A few weeks ago Matt tried to order an HP touchpad.  The company decided to discontinue their touchpads and put them on clearance for $99.00.  For that price we decided to try and get one.  We figured that for 100 bucks it was worth it.  If we used it great, if not we didn’t have a lot invested.

After Matt place the initial order, it was cancelled.  Then last week Matt got an email saying the company was getting more in and were going to honor those orders that had been cancelled.  Hot dog!  Matt immediately replaced our order and bam today we get our touchpad.

Of course I decided I should blog on it today.  But omg!  This thing is kind of a pain in the ass to type on.  I’m so used to my phone, I have Swype which is awesome, so this typing on a tablet BLOWS!

At least I have a cute stand.


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