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10 lbs in 10 days

The other day yahoo had an article on how a celebrity trainer helps her clients lose 10 lbs in 10 days. So I thought hmmmm I could stick with something for 10 days right? I think I can totally do this but it will require cutting my daily calorie intake down to 1000 or less a day. There is also a workout routine that I might try to follow but I think the work out part might kill me. :). Cutting calories is something I will so every so often. For me this is really the best and easiest way to lose weight.

I went to the grocery today and picked up a few healthier items to add to the salads I will probably end up eating. But I also grabbed some fruits and low cal snacks. My realistic goal for this whole crazy thing is 5 – 7 lbs in 10 days. If I lose 10 that would be great but I would really excited with 7.

The other week when I moved desks I found an old notebook that was pretty much filled with my daily food and the calorie count. This time I think I’ll try to find an app to download. That will probably be a little more accurate. I’ve decided to blog my progress for the next 10 days, maybe not everyday bit enough to keep track of how it’s going so starting tomorrow the calories are getting kicked to the curb. Stay tuned……


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