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Hello my pretty!

Hello my pretty!

A few years ago some friends asked if I would take their wedding photos.  “Sure, why not.”  Wow!  Can I just say it turned out to be a LOT of work both day of and after.  Don’t get me wrong it was a wonderful learning experience and I’m happy to say I’ve shot a wedding.  Since that time I haven’t done many photo shoots.  Just a few here and there for friends.  I think I am definitely my own worst critic.

Anyway, a few months ago the little sister of the wedding I shot asked if I would photograph her wedding in September.  She asked for a dollar amount and said she would pay! AHHHHH!!!  I said yes, hesitantly.  Since then my dad “said” he was going to start a photography business in the area.  I spent several weeks getting a website ready as well as a facebook page.  He did one special for a free photo shoot.  Well he only ended up with two people participating, both of which were friends, so somehow my services got included.  Since then we’ve done 2 separate shoots.  Both of which confirmed, I need a new camera!  {There is a strong WANT factor too but I feel like a new camera would up my game.}

Okay, well to be completely honest, I didn’t really know I wanted/needed a new camera until a few weeks ago.  Matt’s parents were in town and during our all day shopping affair we stopped by Best Buy.  I started fiddling with the new Nikons and well, fell in love!  The new D7000 is AMAZING!  So quiet for one.  Has 2 memory card slots.  Two programmable presets. AND a self cleaning sensor!  {The bane of my current existence with my camera}  And that’s just a few of the awesome features my current D50 doesn’t have.  In. Love!

I’m not saying my D50 isn’t a good camera but when it came out it was the base model.  The D7000 is the top model before you start getting into the actual pro cameras.  Needless to say this bad boy comes with a pretty bad boy price too.  I’ve been researching and found the refurbed D7000s are priced pretty well, and quiet frankly, less than my 18-200 mm lens I bought last year.  Now my biggest hurdle is Matt.  I need him to give me the go ahead.  I couldn’t get it last month because we had vacation, we had to replace the water heater and we had to start paying for our football tickets.  I plan the use the money I make from the wedding to actual pay for the camera but I need the camera before I get the money.  Honestly it’s not a big deal and I hope to have it in the next few weeks.  I’m just being dramatic!

I didn’t take a lot of time to learn all the ins and outs of my current camera so I want to have enough time to really get to know my new camera.  I’ve already read a ton of reviews and found youtube videos with tutorials and such.  So until I have it in my hands I will continue to lust over this beaut.











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