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2012 – A year in review

I’m not really sure how to follow up my last post. I mean where do you go? How do you follow what happened?

In light of recent events, I’ve decided I am going to recap 2012. List out some highs from each month. I’ll link to the original posts.

January – I received a nice little “gift” from my company. According to the letter I received, I was not automatically enrolled in our 401k once I became a full time employee. My company matched what they thought I would have contributed over the course of the last 3-4 years. SCORE!

February – We got paint! I’m not really sure there is much more to be said. Matt and I had our main floor repainted. Best. Money. Ever. Spent!

March – Oh March….My wonderful in-laws took the family on a cruise. So many fun memories from this trip. And now, it means even more.

April – Seems like this month was filled with home improvement projects. We painted and planted and added some light.

May – May was a pretty big month for us. It started with Matt’s new car that he bought like 2 days before our anniversary trip. Then we spent our first anniversaryy weekend in NYC.

June – not much happened this month but Matt did win the best husband award for this little beaut.

July – the big home improvements were completed in July when we got new carpet!!!. Clearly I still love our new carpet! It looks and feels great!

August – was pretty darn boring. Aside from baking my first loaf of bread not much happened. I did realize I have some wonderful friends who send you flowers just because your day sucks.

September – we celebrated Matt’s birthday with another cake fail, my parents moved to Cary, my first big sewing project and I had surgery.

October – we finally bought a new bed and mattress. We also gave our front yard a little make over.

November – Mr Julio turned 3! Matt and I hosted Thanksgiving and I made a wonderful, made from scratch apple pie!

So that’s our year in review. 2012 wasn’t the worst year but it wasn’t the best either. Here’s to 2013, may it bring more love and happiness.


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