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African Violet

I remember having these around the house as a kid. Eventually mom thought they were causing her headaches so we got rid of all the African violet. I always thought they were cool because their leaves were soft and fuzzy and they always had pretty little flowers.

When we moved to our new office I decided I wanted to get a few plants for my new desk. I knew I wanted some sort of air plant and I found 2 small ones at Lowes. I thought I had a pot big enough to plant them together but I didn’t so they ended up in 2 separate containers, which was fine. I also knew I wanted some sort of flowering plant. The only thing I could think of was an African violet. So while I was at Lowes I found a pretty purple one. I bought it and decided to use a container I already had. It was pretty much the same size so I broke up the roots added a little new soil and plopped that baby in there. Honestly I wasn’t sure what would happen. To my surprise, it is doing wonderfully. The first few weeks it looked a little rough so I dead headed what I could and removed the few leaves that weren’t growing but now it looks really nice.

Every few days I will have someone ask me what it is. When I say African Violet, most people respond with “oh my grandmother had those.” 🙂 I am not ashamed people! Not many people have flowers on their desks day in and day out but I do!

The flowers look blue in the pic but they are actually a pretty shade of purple.




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