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What’s up Wednesday

Two days ago local schools were delayed for 3 hours due to the threat of freezing rain in the early morning hours. Of course there was no freezing rain but hey, we live in North Carolina. 🙂  Today however, it is in the mid 60’s and rainy.  Last night the weather so nice and mild we slept with the windows open, in January!

What is going on with the weather lately?  One day you can practically wear shorts and the next you need full on winter gear.  It’s no wonder everyone is and has been sick.

Oh another, happier note.  I have moved positions at work and I finally signed the PAN form today.  My new manger was nice enough to bump up my pay. 😀  It was only a little.  Basically he rounded my salary up but it amounted to almost a thousand dollars!  I am one happy girl!  In all my years here and through all my manager changes and position changes I’ve never actually received any sort of pay increase.  I’ve gotten raises each year but never an actual salary change.  I’m sure this won’t result in my change on my pay check but the gesture was very nice and much appreciated.

Happy Wednesday!


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