What’s up Wednesday

Two days ago local schools were delayed for 3 hours due to the threat of freezing rain in the early morning hours. Of course there was no freezing rain but hey, we live in North Carolina. 🙂  Today however, it is in the mid 60’s and rainy.  Last night the weather so nice and mild… Read More What’s up Wednesday



I know I haven’t been posting a lot lately.  For a few weeks work was very very slow and life was pretty boring.  Now things have picked back up a bit but mainly because I am now training for a new (similar) position. Last year a contract and credit position opened up in another division,… Read More Work


Check in

I know I had been a huge slacker lately. There is a lot going on and nothing going on if that makes sense. Yesterday the finally group of people moved into our new office. Odd course I was in the last group to move. Several of us joked they were never going to let us… Read More Check in


Cha cha chaaaannnges!

At work! Again! Just when I think things are calming down crazy shit happens. I know I said this week would be crazy but I didn’t say why. Well our wireless brand republic wireless relaunched on Tuesday. We thought that we be stupid crazy but things when pretty quiet, until yesterday. Then we found put… Read More Cha cha chaaaannnges!



I feel like life has been busy and boring all at the same time. This weekend Matt and I headed to the beach to spend some time with his cousin Emma who is visiting from London. The girls had a nice day on the beach while the guys played golf. I actually got some sun.… Read More Changes


Holy Chaos Batman

I had hoped things at work would start to calm down but not so much.  I am drowning under a sea of orders.  Not to mention the system upgrades still suck.  And then I’m being pulled in 20 different directions so I get even further behind.  AY YI YI! I will say I am totally… Read More Holy Chaos Batman


Why Thank You!

*First off let me just say that work has been beyond crazy since before the New Year and when I get home the only thing I really want to do is absolutely nothing.  I know my blog has reflected the craziness with a whole lot of nothing.* I’ve been a really bad person when it… Read More Why Thank You!