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A dying tradition

**I wrote this post a while back like in January.  I’ve held onto it for a while for a reason.  Now it looks as thought it’s time to post this little gem.  I just want to add that once again there is drama surrounding this and that’s why I am finally posting this.


There are a few things I try to avoid on my blog and I think I’ve avoided this one long enough.

A few weeks ago I think I mentioned some internet drama.  Well it looks like some of this has started to resurface.  To make a long story short a couple of knotties invited a small group of girls to join an “off board”.  The board was presented to us as a “safe” place to talk about various things that we might not want displayed in a public forum.  For the most part this is what that board was.  A place to go if you needed to vent about real life issues.

Well the founders of the board had a falling out and in the process one person decided to throw the group under the bus.  It was presented to others that the girls of this board were talking about other knotties.  Basically the off board was made to sound like a bunch of catty high school girls.  When in reality this is FAR from the truth.  The founders were the ones that were talking.  And from what I’m told one of them, one that is entirely too old to be acting this way, egged on the other 2.  She then copied and pasted several of the conversations, before deleting them, and sent them to the people that were talked about.  The shit hit the fan and when all was said and done, all the girls on the other board felt as though they were being attacked and bullied.  And none of them had any idea what exactly had happened or if it was made to look like they said something they didn’t.

During the course of events, it came to everyone’s attention that this one person had pretty much conned numerous girls out of money.  And now this person is on the verge on killing a very special tradition.   A tradition that started several years ago, is now on the verge of collapse.  The girls who are regs on the main board have decided not to participate in this tradition due to one person.  She is currently the “gate-keeper” if you will.  And now that most girls know this person is not trustworthy, no one is willing to give her money in order to participate.

It’s really a shame this person continues to “hang” around.  No one wants her around and this tradition, one she refuses to hand over, keeps her around.  And in the process she is going to kill this tradition.

What is even more bothersome is that the new year has produced many new knotties.  Knotties who won’t know not to send her money.  And won’t know this person is not trustworthy.  At least not with out a lot of drama happening.

***ETA:  The “gate-keeper” has now passed this tradition to yet another person who is clinging on to it.  She is rarely on the board and has no idea who a lot of the new girls are nor do they know who she is.  Essentially she, the new gate-keeper, is continuing to kill this tradition.  So you know what I saw, SCREW IT!  It’s really sad the newbs will most likely miss out on an awesome tradition due to a few bad seeds clinging to anything they can get their hands on just to be relevant!


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