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About last night

First off I want to say Happy Birthday to Matt!  Today he turns 33, ahhhhhh!  🙂  I love you honey and I hope you have a great day!  xxxx

Now about last night.  A few months ago Matt heard the band Fleet Foxes were coming to town the night before his birthday.  He bought tickets and we decided to take Thursday {and Friday} off since the concert would be on a Wednesday night.

As I’m driving home last night I see a really big dark cloud headed for Raleigh and I knew the weatherman had mentioned it could rain.  Once I get home Matt and I get ready to head down town.  We grab a couple of windbreakers and I decide to wear my boots.  We get down town and grab a bite to eat at Raleigh Times and then make our way to the amphitheater.  About as soon as we step out of the bar it begins to rain.  Just a little bit, which is fine.  I’ve pretty much decided it will be a futile attempt to even worry about my hair so I immediately pull it back.

We get to the venue and meet up with a couple of friends.  We are all standing around and the rain picks up a little more.  No big deal really.  We finally head to our seats and the band starts playing.  Just as they start the lightning begins.  Of course the crowd goes wild.  Music and a light show, provided by Mother Nature.  {Let me just mention the band sounded AMAZING in concert!}  The rain steadily picks up and about half an hour into the show the bottom pretty much falls out.  Everyone is now drenched and Matt and I just keep laughing about the current situation.  By this point not only is my windbreaker completely soaked but so am I.  {I’m just going to state this windbreaker was pretty much a piece of shit!}  I’m still hanging in there and then I realize my jeans are now completely soaked through. Ughh!  There is almost nothing worse then wet jeans!  At this point I’m almost done, but not quite.  And then the PA system gets staticey.  To the point you can no longer hear the band and the crowd takes over.  It was pretty cool honestly.

The band tries to continue on but I guess the venue said they would need to take a break to figure out what was wrong.  At this point I am done. I told Matt if they stopped we were leaving.  He pretty much agreed since neither of us figured they would go back on.  We headed back for the car and OMG the rain was crazy.  Everything was starting to flood.  Water was coming out of the sewers.  Honestly it was kind of fun.  I might have jumped in some puddles. 😉

By the time we got back to the car we were completely soaked through.  I had water IN my boots.  We pretty much stripped down behind the car, that was parked on the street, in the middle of downtown.  Yep we are those people!  HA  We ended up driving home in our skeevies.  We joked about how funny it would be if we got pulled over.  “Mr Edwards, can I ask why you are driving in your boxers?  Ma’am where are your clothes?”  HAHAH!

We finally made it home around 10:30 and immediately hopped in the shower to warm up.  Unfortunately we don’t have any pics from last night.  I’m sure we would look AWESOME though!


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