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Weekend recap

This weekend was crazy busy.  We dropped my mom off at the airport on Saturday, had just enough time to eat lunch and watch the first half of the Auburn game before heading back to the airport.  We were able to watch Matt’s cousin, Emma’s, plane arrive.  Then we had to wait about an hour for her to clear immigration.  Apparently RDU had one person checking in non citizens!  Thanks RDU!

Yesterday afternoon Matt’s parents drove up, they were planning to take Emma to Asheville today.  Last night we all went out to dinner at Coquette to celebrate Matt’s birthday.  I must say dinner was amazing like always.  It’s always nice time going out to dinner with his family.

Thankfully Matt and I have one more day of work left for the week.  Tomorrow night we are going to see the Fleet Foxes in concert.  We decided to take Thursday and Friday off.  We might head to the beach for a few days as well.  I could use a good shopping trip. 😉


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