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Adverse reaction

Adverse reaction

When I was in 4th grade, I was in my first car accident. My neighbor and my mom would take turns carpooling. Well it was Paula’s turn to pick us up from school. One of her daughter Heather’s friends needed a ride to the Y for dance. The Y was maybe a mile, mile and a half from school so Rachel hopped in and off we went. We were crossing main street, a four lane road, when a truck pulled out in front of us and we t-boned him.

Heather and I were in the back seat of the blazer with Heather sitting in the middle. As soon as we hit, Heather hit her face on the center console. I hit the back of the passenger side seat. Once everything stopped Heather sat up, blood running from her mouth. She had braces at the time and her mouth was a mess. The rest of us were pretty much okay. I think Paula and Rachel had their seat belts on but I know Heather and I did not. This was the 80’s and even before that accident I’m not sure I really wore my seat belt in the front seat. {That clearly changed after.} Thankfully everyone was for the most part fine. I think Heather went to the doctor but it was nothing major, just a badly busted lip.

At 16 I was at the end of our street about to turn when the truck in front of me decided to back up. Right into my car. I’d had my license maybe a month and as an inexperienced driver I didn’t know what to do. A few months later on Halloween day I totaled said car. I was taking a friend to school, she had wrecked her car the week before. Well we got to the same spot she wrecked in and traffic was stopped. By traffic I mean the 2 cars in front of me. I stopped and proceeded to watch the car behind me slam into my car. Four car pile up and my took the brunt of everything. To make matters worse I couldn’t get in touch with my parents. My dad was on a day trip I didn’t know about and mom was headed to Montgomery. I called a friends parents and they picked me up and took me home. I then called the place my mom was headed to and left a message. My mom rushed home and we went to inspect the damage.

I was 18 I think when I hit a barrel. I swerved to avoid another driver. Thankfully the driver knew it was her fault and she paid for my new mirror.

The other day there was a really bad wreck on 40. At first I couldn’t see all the cars but as I passed I noticed a small car that was destroyed. I took a deep breathe, tried to compose myself and then the tears started. I called Matt to talk for a minute and seemed to help but not before I had a mountain of tears streaming down my face. I composed myself before I entered the office but for years now this has been my reaction to accidents. I don’t have to see it happen, I don’t have to know anyone involved. Just seeing a car torn apart is enough to send me over the edge. Maybe I have PTSD. 🙂 Just the thought of someone being hurt freaks me out and makes me sad. I know I have a huge heart. 😉


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