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Goes the carpet guys! WOOO HOOO! I’m not gonna lie it does kind of sound like the ceiling is coming down but I am super excited to finally have the nasty old carpet out of our house. YAY! I haven’t ventured upstairs since they started actually putting carpet down so I don’t know what to expect yet. Of course I will post pics.

This weekend Matt and I cleaned the closets out, again. Since we had to get everything off the floors. We took 4 more bags full of clothing and housewares to Goodwill. I knew we needed to do another pass since the last time we cleaned out closets. We probably threw away 10 different empty shoe boxes yesterday. For some reason Matt likes to keep boxes. Our whole spare room closet is full of various electronics boxes. *shakes head* Anyway, I knew we had a lot we needed to get rid of and this time he was a little more apt to throw things out. I also rearranged all my clothes. They desperately needed it. I feel like I just kind of throw stuff in the closet when I moved in, oh 2 years ago. 😉 Hopefully we can keep things a bit more organized going forward.

A quick update on Fifty Shades of Gray, I am totally addicted. *kicks self* I finished book one on Saturday night and now I’m halfway through book two. Since I’m working from home today I will probably read another chapter during my “lunch”.




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