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An Ode to DIDdy

The fish that is.  Last year one of my coworkers and myself decided to get a work fish.  The way our cubes are set up we had an empty space between us so we thought why not get a fish.  One day we went to the pet store down from the office and picked out a Beta.  I came up with quite inventive name of DIDdy.  A DID, in case you don’t know, is a phone number and since we are part of the voice team and work with DIDs all day we thought it was fitting.  DIDdy became our mascot if you will.  Whenever anyone came to our floor the first thing you would see was his bowl and a sign saying “Meet DIDdy!”

A few months ago he started not doing so well and after a little research I thought he might have swim bladder which basically means we over feed him.  We cut back on the food but he never fully recovered.  Then yesterday he really took a turn for the worst.  He was sideways and bloated.  Honestly I was sure he wouldn’t make it the day but to my surprise he was still breathing when I left the office.  I felt so bad for him but flushing and decapitation just didn’t seem right.  {I may have googled how to euthanize a fish.}

Needless to say I wasn’t surprised to find he was gone this morning.  We gave him a nice little burial at sea and said a few words.  I cleaned out his bowl but there were a few times during the day I found myself looking over at his cube only to see an empty bowl. 🙁  I know he was just a fish but he was a good fish and everyone liked him.  People would always come to see him.  I am glad he is finally out of pain and swimming in the big fish bowl in the sky.

Bye DIDdy!

His first day in the office.


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