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You will not defeat me frog! – Pinterest Post 1

I am happy to report my first Pinterest project (for the blog) is complete.  There was lots of cussing and I’m pretty sure I used a half a roll of thread but my frog is complete!  Actually it looked like the sewing machine threw up on me tonight.  I had thread everywhere.

Okay so here’s how it happened.  The other night I set up my new sewing machine and cut out my pattern.

Front and back.

I had quite a few issues with my corners and ended up ripping out the seams a few 3ish times.   I finally was like what the hell and just kept going.  I’m not sure what I did but my seam got better and I continued to the end.  I must add that I might be the slowest sewer in the history of the world.  For serious I was like putt putt putt around this thing but I did it!

Completed sewing.

Then it was time to turn him right side out.  I started with the legs.

Then I worked the rest of the body out.  I used a chop stick to help me push out the corners.  This was actually pretty tedious and was almost slower then my sewing.

Right side out and empty.

I used about a half a pound bag of rice to fill mine.  I added a little bit of cloves to make it smell.  (I might have added a tad too much.)  You can use any herbs you like.  Cloves were not my first choice but it was the best smelling herb I had in the pantry.

Filled but I haven't sewn the bottom closed yet.

I must say my hand stitching it pretty atrocious so there aren’t any pics of that but once you have your frog full you just stitch together the bottom.

And front.














He’s a cute little guy and he’s all mine.  I think I will add some eyes and take him to work to sit on my computer. 🙂




  • Brandi

    I love him! He needs a name :0)

    If you decide to sew anything else BK said she will gladly test things out for you!

  • Christi

    Corners will get easier. I think he’s adorable. I’m working on rag quilts right now with applique names and doing a fair amount of cussing at those too. Can’t wait to see what else you create!

    • MrsKtotheE

      Thank you! I didn’t know you were a sewer. You might get random emails with “Help!” HAHA! Do you ever post your crafts? I’d love to see them.

  • Christi

    Here’s my most recent- Baby Lovey

    I just upgraded to a new embroidery machine and have lots of big plans for it. I’m currently working on a beach rag quilt. Mostly I just sew crafty home projects (pillows, dog items, blankets). I’m getting into baby stuff now that there’s a baby boom going on with friends and family.

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