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And the lots are open!  

It looks like the blog might officially be taken over by house stuff, and I am STOKED! I’ve mentioned a few times that we were looking.  Well as of right now, the plan is to build a house in a Golf Course community in an area around Raleigh.  I’ve been patiently waiting since August to find out where their lots would be.  The only *slight* downer so far is my original email said the prices would start in the Low’s but now it looks like they will start in the Mid’s.  :/  I hope we can still make it work.

It was odd because I checked the builder website this morning and didn’t realize they had finally posted the house plans.  This also meant the site map had been released!  WHAT!?!?  I’ve spent the last hour looking over the lots and taking a Google street tour.  But here’s the thing, they are NOT the lots Matt and I thought they would be.  We assumed they were going to be in another part of the neighborhood instead they are sprinkled into an existing section.  While I guess it’s okay, I feel like the other lots were a little better.  Anyway, it is what it is so we will make do.  I plan to run over there this afternoon to scope out the lots and see which ones are better than others.  The plus side, is Matt and I know where these lots are and we are familiar with the streets so just looking at the site plan we already have an idea of what might be good.

For the past few weeks I’ve started pinning items for our new house!  I am having the best time looking for ideas and searching for new furniture.  I never properly decorated our current house because Matt kept telling me to wait until we “move into a new house”.  Well THAT time has come!  Unfortunately we will need a decent amount of furniture for the new house and we won’t be able to purchase it all at once.  But that will give us time to live there and decide what we will need and where.

Here is a map of the lots.


Let the house planning begin!

Happy Halloween!


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