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Another week, another recap (yep I’m a slacker!)

Another week, another recap (yep I’m a slacker!)

Matt and I didn’t have any real plans for the weekend besides going to an event one of Patrick’s friends had scheduled for Saturday night.  His friend Mike is the manager at Mellow Mushroom in Wake Forest.  Mike decided to play a few songs as a kick off to the Patrick Edwards Foundation.  (This will be a charitable foundation that will help under privileged youth learn the art of making EDM – electronic dance music.)

I knew about the event but I really had no idea there would be fundraising until Saturday when Matt and I set out to buy supplies, a receipt book and cash box.  I figured we might raise a few hundred dollars which would be great.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think we would raise over $1200.00.  Like that’s some serious money!  I was blown away by the generosity of Patrick’s friends, several of which, made rather large donations.  It was just an amazing night spent with good people and good music!

The event was great, and Mike did a wonderful job performing!  Hopefully we will be able to be apart of numerous fundraisers for this cause.

After a wonderful Saturday night, we spent Sunday doing a whole lot of nothing.  It was rainy and gross out and a perfect veg day.  We slept in (which we always do), ate lunch, Matt worked out and I threw some clothes in the wash, then we both took naps.  🙂  Good lazy day!


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