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Weekend recap

Weekend recap

Friday was pretty crazy.  I spent most of my day watching the news as the Boston PD searched for the Boston Marathon bomber.  For some reason, I was weirdly fascinated by the whole thing.  The search part I should say.  After waking up and hearing the news that one was dead, I figured the police would find the second one pretty quickly but that didn’t happen.

That afternoon around 6 while I was lying on the couch, I heard a loud gust of wind.  With that, the bottom fell out.  I quickly scrambled to close the windows and then the power went out.  Thankfully it was only out for a few minutes but then I noticed a puddle of water in dining room by the door.  Our back door is a huge piece of crap and needs to be replaced.  It doesn’t fit very well in the frame so when the wind blows right rain can comes through.  I finally got the mess cleaned up when Matt announced  shots were fired via twitter.  I quickly turned the news back on and became glued to the TV.  Finally we were both starving so we grabbed some fast food and returned home.  Just in time to see reports that the bomber had been caught.

Around mid-night the power went off again and woke us up.  Unfortunately it stayed off for the better part of an hour.  I tossed and turned waiting for it to cut back on.  I was hot and it was waaaaaayyy too quiet.  It finally cut back on and I was able to sleep.  I remember it cutting off again at some point but I guess I slept through that.

Saturday Matt met one of Patrick’s friends for a round of golf.  I headed back to Old Navy to exchange a few more items and then ran to Target to get food for dinner.  Around 6:30 Matt texted to say they were only on #13 and it would be a while.  He also asked if I would be up for meeting them out for dinner.  I got dressed and met everyone at Maru.  MMMMM sushi! 🙂

Sunday we slept in and went to Costco.  Then I came home and re-potted my hostas and planted the hyacinth mom gave me for Easter.  The temperature also dropped this weekend.  Matt finally got cold and turned the heat back on.  It’s almost May, seriously, could it just warm up already!


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