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Aww we’re growing up!

On Saturday Matt and I went to Mebane to the outlet mall.  We found a few items but nothing great so we stopped at Southpoint Mall in Durham.  I really wanted to go to Crate and Barrel and look around.  I ended up finding a great bookshelf for the living room.  I’ve been on the hunt for a new one for the past couple of weeks but I couldn’t seem to find the right size for the right price.

As we were perusing C&B I found a great “ladder” type shelf which is kind of what I was looking for and the price was great, for C&B.  🙂  I mentioned to Matt I liked it and we kept walking.  We were about to leave the store when he asked if there was anything I wanted, the shelf of course.  He said to find someone to check us out.  WOO HOO!  Thankfully we were in the Q so the shelf fit just fine.  🙂

That night Matt put together our new shelf and I must say I love Love LOVE it!  I finally have a place to put stuff.  You see before Matt I actually had decorations and what not sitting around.  When I moved to his house there wasn’t much space for my awesomeness so I’ve had things tucked away for a while.  As soon as it was up I immediately ran downstairs to grab some books.  Then I went upstairs to grab a few other items.  Before I knew it it was almost full.  I just need 2 small plate holders and a pic of Matt and I for a frame and I think I will be good for a little while.  {He told me I couldn’t buy anything for it.}  Such a decorating bah humbug that Matt is. hehe

Before – the UGLY ass CD/DVD holder, which will no longer live in the den.  It is being banished to somewhere that is not in the house!


After – Awesomeness that actually looks like a real adult house. 😉


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