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From drab to FAB!

I mentioned that Matt and I went to Southpoint on Saturday.  After lunch we headed towards the mall part, it’s kind of an indoor outdoor mall, but I wanted to stop by Anthropolgie on the way in.  It’s super pricey and I never even look at the clothes but I do like to look at the random housewares.   As I was browsing I noticed 2 big shelves full of knobs.  Oh heck yeah!  There’s a desk in our foyer I’ve been planning to refinish but I wanted to find new knobs.

Anyway I probably stood there looking at all the knobs for about 10 minutes.  I asked Matt about a couple but he wasn’t very helpful.  Then he noticed there were a few buckets of clearance knobs.  These knobs were all 3.00 a piece instead of  8.00 – 10.00 for the regular ones.  Don’t get me wrong 8-10 bucks a knob isn’t bad but for 3.00 a piece I could get 4 knobs for the price of two and don’tcha know that’s exactly what I did. 🙂  I found 2 sets I really liked but I couldn’t choose so I bought both.


Thankfully I am a procrastinator and I didn’t want to paint my desk last weekend because it was too hot.  Well this weekend was amazing and a bit cooler so Sunday morning afternoon I started working on the desk.  First  I sanded the top and sides with my mouse sander.  Then I grabbed some course grit sand paper and began working on the legs.  Legs are such a pain when they are spindley.  Since I was going to paint the desk I knew I didn’t have to do a great job with the sanding.  I just needed to knock the varnish off. 

I spent about 45 minutes sanding down my desk before I decided it was good.  I picked out a bright blue paint so I wanted to make the piece look distressed and old.  As I started painting on the top I found if I did a light enough coat I could almost dry brush the paint on.  This was kind of giving me the effect I wanted so I continued.  As the paint dried I touched up a few spots here and there but over all I think it turned out pretty good and I didn’t have to use any sandpaper to the finished paint job.  🙂





  • Christi

    This looks like a totally new piece. I’m loving all your home projects. I want a ladder shelf too, but haven’t been able to convince R yet. Boo.

    • MrsKtotheE

      I love the new bookcase, it’s awesome! This style fits this space really well since we didn’t want something that stuck out too far and it couldn’t be too wide. I think this fits perfectly here. 🙂 Tell R to just get over it. 😉

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