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Back to reality

Back to reality

Back to life and back to reality, I think Soul II Soul said it best.  But I say UGHHH!  Vacation is SOO much better.

Today was mine and Matt’s first days back at work since the wedding.  I have to say it wasn’t quite as difficult as I thought it would be.  I guess it doesn’t hurt there was a loud clap of thunder about 6:15ish this morning.  Thanks mother nature!

It would seem that things at work have changed yet again.  I fully expected to in this morning and find out what I’d be doing since they told me before I left they were moving contracts and credit to a different group.  Well it turns out they just made US contracts and credit.  My coworker was also out on Friday and our manager was out today so who the heck knows what’s really going on.  I just continued to work on stuff I know and we’ll see what happens tomorrow.

I know some of you are anxiously awaiting all of the wedding details and I promise I will start posting about that this week but just not today.

I spent most of yesterday (like all of it) going through the nearly 800 pics I took from St Lucia.  I’ve almost edited all of the good ones at this point but I’m still not quite done.  Not to mention I haven’t even looked through the pics from our point and shoot.  Mostly we use that for the obligatory “us” pics.   So for now I will leave you with a few random pics of St Lucia.


no pressure!  no really that’s the name of the drink.

The cove at our resort.

And of course the happy couple.  This is overlooking the beautiful little town of Dennery.

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