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Bad Words

Not in the traditional sense of *%*$% bad words but in the South there are words you learn not to say as a kid.  I’m talking about soda, pop, you guys and a host of other “Northern” words.  I remember using the word Coke for anything soda related.  And you NEVER said hey you guys!  If it wasn’t ya’ll you were not Southern.

As I’ve grown, and moved really, I find myself constantly saying the words soda and you guys.  I never say Coke unless I actually mean Coke.  I rarely say ya’ll either and I never blog it.  I think it’s funny that over the course of years things change, even your speech.  As a kid I wouldn’t have dreamed I would use these words.  Those were “Northern” words and I was a good Southern Belle.  🙂

So while some Southern has started to come out more, like my love for growing things (it is not gardening ;).  The Northern has come out more in my speech.  I guess as I’ve gotten older I no longer associate those words with being only a Northern thing.  But I also try hard to keep my Southern accent at bay. There are certain words I don’t ever think will lose that Southern draw, like fire but since the age of 12 or so I have been very conscious of how I speak.  God forbid I sound like a hick. 😉  Of course that is my own personal choice.  But I do find there to be a difference between having  a Southern draw and sounding like a hick.

Enough of my ramblings.  I promise to start blogging our trip soon.  Like maybe tonight.


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