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  • HACKED!!!

    OMG guys! My blog got hacked yesterday! Like who does that and why? Anyway, Matt was able to get it up and working again! YAY!




  • 10/21/09

    Yesterday was crazy busy and I was up to my eyes in emails until the minute I left.  Thankfully today at work has been pretty slow.  This has given me some free time and I’ve spent most of the afternoon browsing through my first blog.  That’s right folks, there was a blog before this one!  And to be honest, I think it was better.  For most of that blog, I was in the middle of wedding planning so there were lots of wedding planning posts.  There were also lots of rants too!  Nothing gets a girl worked up like wedding (and non wedding) related drama!

    Anyway, so I started looking and I’ve been blogging for almost 5 years, 10-29-09? Um WOW!  That’s crazy.  What’s crazier is I still probably only have like 5 followers.  HAHA!  Blogging has never been about being the most popular blog on the web.  I’ll be the first to say just how boring I am but I do like to write (though again, I feel like my writing was better back then too!)  I was much better about blogging daily through the week on the old blog too.  Basically it was just better and I shared my boredom much more freely and often.  I might repost a few things from that blog in the coming weeks.  Unfortunately we weren’t able to move those posts when I started this blog.  I think it was more of our problem and not an actual limitation of the blog itself.  Regardless, it’s still fun to go back and read about the past.  Maybe I’ll try to step up my game on this blog in the coming weeks! 😉

    Happy Friday!



  • Oh hey Spring! Come back!

    Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful day in North Carolina.  Mid 60’s and gorgeous.  Today, temps are falling and they are predicting freezing rain and sleet!  Umm, gross!  After the last snow, I was officially OVER Winter!  Bring on sunshine and shorts!

    Matt and I took full advantage of the beautiful weather yesterday and headed downtown for lunch.  We ended up at Trophy Brewing Co. for pizza and beer.  The food and drinks were really good.  The only downside was, they were pretty busy so we ended up sitting at the bar and not outside.  After lunch, we drove around downtown for a few minutes before heading out to find some ice cream.  I’d been craving ice cream all weekend and nothing says Spring like ice cream.

    There is a really good local ice cream place called Fresh on Glenwood, near our house.  Matt suggested we stop there before heading over to Walmart.  We both got cookies and cream ice cream.  It was pretty busy when we first arrived but once we got our cones the place had cleared out.  We found a nice picnic table to sit and eat and enjoy the day.


    After ice cream we headed out to Briar Creek to run to Walmart.   Mom told me about some face cream that was a must but said the Walmart brand was better than the name brand.  I was looking for the Equate Face & Neck Cream Advanced Firming but I ended up with the Equate Beauty Age Control Day Cream for Mature Skin.  Of course Walmart was a disaster and I couldn’t find the Face & Neck Cream.  I used the Beauty Age Control last night and this morning and it feels and smells wonderful.  It is also pretty thick and hydrating.  I used it under my foundation this morning and my skin had a nice dewy glow.  Score!  I’m going to try it out for a few more days and see how it does but based on first impressions, I like it!


  • Check In

    It’s been a few weeks now and my project at work is still running into road block after road block.  This is partially our fault for not setting the necessary (or correct) parameters.  However, this thing was just built like crap and now we are having issues trying to make a not fully complete or functional product work.  Not to mention very little support.  I should add I’m talking about software.

    For the past 2 months or so I’ve spent many, many hours sitting in rooms hashing out details and testing.  Oh my god the testing!  I am currently sitting at my desk doing more tests.  Tests I’ve done hundreds of times (it feels like hundreds anyway!)  Every time we get one thing working something else seems to break.  It’s like that scene in Poltergeist when JoBeth Williams is running down the hallway.  She can see the door but she can’t get there.  That’s what I feel like right now too!

    I’m hoping we will actually get this process launched next week and life can move on.  (I’m also hoping I can move on to a new position!  I’ve put in a lot of time and work on this and I hope it yields some reward!)

    Next week I hope to return to blogging on a regular basis so watch out!




  • Ramblings

    It’s been a crazy week to say the least.  My coworker is on vacation, which leaves me trying to keep things under control.  All and all I think I’ve done an okay job.  I mean I can only do what I can do right?  Thankfully my week ends today!  And thanks to a friendly little competition at work we get Friday off.  (The challenge to the company was: sign up and out of the participants you must average 20 hours of workout time in the month of June.)  A free day off!  Hell yeah!  So I signed up along with a my coworker.  We decided we would walk for an hour during lunch.  The kicker, if you worked out with a coworker you got double time.  I think I logged close to 18 hours during the month of June so I get Friday, the 5th off!  I think the winner of the competition logged something stupid like 60 hours.  I mean come on, we all know I don’t like to work out. 🙂

    As the June challenge ended we were given a new challenge to average another 20 hours for the month of July to get another PTO day.  Of course I signed up so I’ve got some walking to do while we are at the beach this weekend.  I will also resume my lunch walks next week.

    Hopefully it won’t rain while we are at the beach for the rest of the week.  I am looking forward to some sun and relaxation.  We are also taking the kiddos so the ride to and from should be fun.  I just hope we don’t run into a ton of traffic either way.  I’m also looking forward to a little retail therapy.  I think I’ve also talked Matt into playing Putt Putt since he decided to play golf 2x while we are there.

    Now I just need today to be over, or at least closer to over so I can leave.


  • Countdown to Christmas

    Is it sad that I use Angry Birds as my Christmas countdown? I love they make the seasons Christmas version a day by day play. Sort of like an advent calendar only you try to kill the piggies. 😉

    But seriously, there are only 6 DAYS till Christmas! Whoa! Where has this year gone?


  • It’s the little things

    I mentioned we moved into our new office, finally.  Well we just found the mother load of office supplies.  I LOVE (like it’s kind of weird) office supplies.  I had a job in TX and I got to order the office supplies. Favorite thing ever! I was always buying myself the good pens and stuff.  It was fun.  When I moved to NC  our office was very short of office supplies.  It was like pulling teeth to get simple things like white out.  So you can imagine my excitement now that I sit a few feet away from the office supplies!  WOOHOO!

    I probably should have prefaced this post with I’m a huge dork!


  • Check in

    I know I had been a huge slacker lately. There is a lot going on and nothing going on if that makes sense. Yesterday the finally group of people moved into our new office. Odd course I was in the last group to move. Several of us joked they were never going to let us move.

    The company had been in our old building for years and years and in the past few months we all started to realize how old and gross the bldg had become. After the first group moved mew made a little field trip and WOW, the new bldg was amazing. Modern, clean and airy and nice. This made the final days at the old bldg suck even more.

    Yesterday morning as I left the house I reminded myself I was going to the new bldg. The drive is same for about half the trip. I know I’m going to forget and go the wrong way one day. I pulled into the parking garage on centennial campus and was really glad to see a coworker pull up at the same time. To be honest it kind of left like the first day of high school.

    We rode the elevator to the 4th floor and set out to find our seats. My new desk wasn’t too bad after I made a few little changes. I spent the next hour getting my computer set up and arranging my desk. Then a few of us decided to check out the other floors. My company occupies all of the 4th and 5th floors and various wings on 1,2, and 3.

    The only thing I’m not super crazy about is being on campus. It’s busy, all the time. Plus you have to deal with students walking in front off your car. We have access to NC State’s facilities and the bus line but the buses are kind of slow, as we sat for 5 mins today waiting for the driver to get back on schedule. I’m sure being on campus has its advantages and the new bldg is worth it. However I think mine and Matte’s Friday lunches are going to run a little longer since I am further away now.


  • What the heck is it?

    And while a hard taco bassinet seems like a reasonable answer, I’m not sure that’s actually what it’s for. 😉

    I found this in my grandmothers house several years ago and am completely baffled as to what it is or what it’s for. My initial thought is that is is some sort of flower basket but I honestly don’t know. Anyone have any ideas?


  • A case of the sleepies

    I was up every hour after 2 am last night.  I am feeling MUCH MUCH better from my surgery but I had some minor issues last night that kept me awake on and off.  I ended up coming in to work about an hour late to make sure everything was under control.  So far so good except for my sheer exhaustion.  I would have worked from home today but thanks to Time Warner the internet is out at our house and will probably be down til Thursday.  Are you kidding me?!?!  Anyway I drug myself to work but I am not super happy about it.  I’d rather be at home sleeping on the couch.

    Hurry up 5:00!