Yesterday was crazy busy and I was up to my eyes in emails until the minute I left.  Thankfully today at work has been pretty slow.  This has given me some free time and I’ve spent most of the afternoon browsing through my first blog.  That’s right folks, there was a blog before this one!… Read More 10/21/09


Check In

It’s been a few weeks now and my project at work is still running into road block after road block.  This is partially our fault for not setting the necessary (or correct) parameters.  However, this thing was just built like crap and now we are having issues trying to make a not fully complete or… Read More Check In



It’s been a crazy week to say the least.  My coworker is on vacation, which leaves me trying to keep things under control.  All and all I think I’ve done an okay job.  I mean I can only do what I can do right?  Thankfully my week ends today!  And thanks to a friendly little… Read More Ramblings


Countdown to Christmas

Is it sad that I use Angry Birds as my Christmas countdown? I love they make the seasons Christmas version a day by day play. Sort of like an advent calendar only you try to kill the piggies. 😉 But seriously, there are only 6 DAYS till Christmas! Whoa! Where has this year gone? ~k


Check in

I know I had been a huge slacker lately. There is a lot going on and nothing going on if that makes sense. Yesterday the finally group of people moved into our new office. Odd course I was in the last group to move. Several of us joked they were never going to let us… Read More Check in