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Bake me a cake!

Currently there is a pound cake sitting on the counter cooling.  Honestly I’m not sure I’ve ever really had pound cake but I came across a recipe the other day {and if it really is delicious I will share} and I thought to myself, hmmm I should make this.  As you know I LOVE to bake.  I’m not sure why since following directions is really a pain point for me.  Maybe I just like sweets or maybe I feel like baking takes a little extra skill.  😉

I made some delicious strawberry cupcakes for Valentine’s day.  I found a great recipe on Pinterest.  Use one strawberry cake mix and add one can of Diet 7 Up.  You skip all the other stuff and just add the soda.  It was super weird because the mix kind of foams up.  I will say the cupcakes were amazing and super light.  If you use a light cake mix it will make your cupcakes low cal.  Of course then you add icing and you blow that out of the water but hey it’s dessert right?

Oh and just one more thing I must say.  If your Kichenaid looks like this you are CLEARLY not using it correctly.  Mine looked like it got flour bombed after I made the pound cake.


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